HALLEY (adopted)

Adopted! Thank you!

Work on her is:
- Carving in nose, philtrum, lips and chin. 
- Open mouthed and soft carved lip lines.
- 2 pair of glass realistic Puppelina chips, 2 pairs of realistic eyechips by an etsy artisan.
- Decorated eyelids with babycatface's coral reef pattern, similar to the ones I draw on my last dolls.
- Sleepy, blogged and gazed correction.
- Signed in backplate.
- Alpaca scalp by an etsy artisan. She has 2 colors hair, highlights on top of the head and surrounding the face.
Hair treatment, new bangs given to the alpaca scalp.
(I'll try to update with a photo of the hair)
- New licca body.

Keep in mind this is a handmade work so it can't be factory perfect.

Halley discovering the streets of Malasaña, Madrid.  I'll be listening to offers for her, by email, from Wednesday to Friday. You can contact me for more info ;)

You can see more pics of Halley on her Flickr album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/_babycatface_/albums/72157679631044575

Thank you!
Good luck!

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