LÍO FA (adopted)


New Babycatface little dreamer for adoption, she is a petite blythe, her name is Lío.

Base doll was originally Peppy Panda Garden petite Blythe doll, I had to change her body into another stock one, color doesn't fit perfectly with face tone, it's little bit lighter.

Work on her:

-       Carving in nose, philtrum, mouth and chin.
-       New glass eyes fixed in an only position 
-       Gave her new dark blonde mohair hair, very soft, with a new crazy hairstyle by rerooting her original scalp, because her stock hair was awful. I'm not a professional rerooter so I did what I considered best, regarding they have horrible holes stock made in such a tiny scalp and you can't fill all because most are factory broken.
-       New eyelashes
-       Signed in backplate

You can see more photos of her in her Flickr album. 

For you to know, as she has a rerooted scalp it's not factory fixed to face and backplate, but you can't see it with her hairstyle.

She will travel with an outfit of my choice, specially made for her.
Keep in mind this is a handmade work so it can’t be factory perfect.

WW Shipping costs by registered mail: 15,60€
Spanish shipping costs: 7€
If you wanted and insurance please let me know.

I'll add the price and a "Add to cart" button on Monday at 15:00h (Spanish time - Madrid), and first to come, first to serve.
Her price will be the same as if she was one of my usual petites with stock hair, because altought having special hair should increase her value as I'm not a professional rerooter I consider I cannot ask for more, just hope she find a great home to be loved.

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