NANA (adopted)

She's been adopted, thank you!

Nana, new Babycatface little dreamer for adoption.

Nana, la nueva soñadora de Babycatface en adopción.

Nana Lullaby is shy and lovely, loves singing as she has the sweetest voice you've ever heard. She also loves nature and playing hugs, and dreams to become a tales teller, traveling around the world.

You can see more pics of Nana here.

Nana Lullaby es tímida y adorable, le encanta cantar y tiene la voz más dulce que habrás escuchado. Ella también adora la naturaleza y jugar a los abrazos y de mayor quiere ser contadora de cuento y viajar alrededor del mundo.

Puedes ver más fotos de Nana aquí.

Nana. For adoption tomorrow 15:00 h (spanish time-Madrid)

Nana. For adoption tomorrow 15:00 h (spanish time-Madrid)
Nana. For adoption tomorrow 15:00 h (spanish time-Madrid)
Nana. For adoption tomorrow 15:00 h (spanish time-Madrid)
Nana, for adoption tomorrow 15:00 h (spanish time) at my place
Nana (FA tomorrow)
Nana will be looking for a lovely home on Thursday. I'll update all info tomorrow.
Nana (FA soon)
Introducing Nana, she will be ready for adoption later this week.

Original doll was a special edition Tailor Gibson, RBL mold

Work on her is:

- Carving in nose, philtrum, lips and chin. 
- Open mouth and soft carved lip lines.
- 3 pairs of new chips, 1 pair of brainworm chips, 1 pair of realistic chips, 1 pair of realistic sabparos chips and Special Tailor Gibson violet chips.
- Decorated eyelids and eyebrows.
- Sleepy, blogged and gazed correction.
- Signed in the backplate.
- Hair treatment, very soft.
- New licca body.


She will travel with a special hand drawn illustration of her by me.
She has no outfit.

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  1. Hola !!
    Quiero saber si tienen alguna niña en adopcion y cuanto valen, soy de colombia. Les dejo mi imail para informacion
    Quedo al pendiente. Gracias !!

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