SNOW (adopted)

New babycatface little dreamer has been adopted, thank you!

Snow, la nueva pequeñita soñadora ha sido adoptada, gracias!

Snow is a lovely girl born in a snowy day of winter, her skin is as white as snow and she is as sweet as an apple pie. She loves cooking, sitting next to the chimney, going out with her sled and singing while playing the ukelele.
When grown up she wants to continue feeling like a child, and happy, and help to protect nature, trees and animals, from human threats.

You can see more pics of Snow here.

Snow es una niña adorable nacida un día de nieve de invierno, tiene la piel tan blanca como la nieve y es tan dulce como el pastel de manzana. Le encanta cocinar, sentarse junto a la chimenea, salir con su trineo y cantar mientras toca el ukelele.
Cuando crezca quiere seguir sintiéndose como una niña, y feliz, y ayudar a proteger la naturaleza, los árboles y los animales, de las agresiones humanas.
Puedes ver más fotos de Snow aquí.


"I'm a little girl in this big world"






Original doll was a special edition Welcome Winter, RBL mold

Work on her is:

- Carving in nose, philtrum, lips and chin. 
- Open mouth and soft carved lip lines.
- 2 pairs of new chips, 1 pair of realistic sabparos chips, 1 pair of realistic chips, special edition Welcome Winter chips in red and brown.
- Decorated eyelids and eyebrows.
- Sleepy, blogged and gazed correction.
- Signed in the backplate.
- Hair treatment, very soft.
- New licca body. If you don't want the licca body and prefer the stock one you'll pay 10 euros less.


She will travel with a special hand drawn illustration of her by me.
She has no outfit.

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